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What is V1BlueShark

V1BlueShark actually a combined of software and HW used to display Valentine One data to your Mobile instead of V1 Remote Display, so you just put Valentine one and V1BlueShark  at any place inside the car or in the hood  and supply them with 12v and you can see everything from your mobile by bluetooth...... Yes by Bluetooth You Don't need of any kind of wires...... it's Wireless, You don't have to destroy your car to fix the remote display.

It has never been easy like this before,  just put your mobile infront of you and connect to your Valentine One.

Thats not everything......... If you got a built-in GPS in your mobile you will have alot of advantages by using V1BlueShark : First of all you will get rid of FALSE ALARMS which is the weak point of the Valentine One ( because of the high sensitivity ).

Second  you can import a csv file of the Fixed Position Radars to mobile and then have an alarm of these positions before reach the radar by 1 kilometer.

You can get this csv file from Trapster site or from any kind of Navigation device and by using POI converter you can convert it to csv file, You can also convert it to lmx too and display the radar positions with OVI Maps.

You can add any new position (radar or mute) while you are driving next to it by just pressing a button, so if Valentine One give false alarm this time next to door opener it will learn and never beep again in this mute poition.

CSV file is easy to modify by any word editor, you can also do Export/Import.

Now you can use V1BlueShark  in Nokia Symbian mobiles but later it will support Android mobiles too.

V1BlueShark Progess

The following is a list of recent additions to our Project. Whenever we make any progress in the Project, we'll put a notice here. The most recent changes are listed first, and each item is linked to the page with the updated content if neccessary.



  • Add SAVVY mute_speed option.
  • Shoot videos for V1BlueShark Android version.
  • V1BlueShark Android version is now available to buy.


  • Add the following features to the Android application:-Turn V1 OFF/ON, Change Mode, Entering Configuration Mode, GPS functions (except calculating Speed) and Most of Database work.


  •   Complete V1BlueShark beta edition for Android phones which can receive V1 signal and show it in 2D Graphical layout with repeated Voice Alarms for all bands.
  • Test it with success using  Huawei u8180 (Android v2.2)


  •   Start working to develop V1BlueShark version in Android phones using the same old V1BlueShark HW, So who buy V1BlueShark for Nokia phones can NOW use it with Android phones.



  •   Publish the V1BlueShak Final Edition Video in youtube.



  •   Put V1BlueShark under test for Android Cell Phones v2.2 and v2.3.


  • Test V1blueshark for 5 hours  in a long trip ( 350 Km ) with no errors.


  • V1blueshark works in Nokia N78,Nokia N81, Nokia 85, Nokia C5 and Nokia E71.


  •  Put V1blueshark in its small black box and test it for 2 hours with no errors.


  • Test  Automatic Mute Mode near Bank Door's opener [K and X bands] ( Mute work after 1 or 2 seconds from Alarm's beep)
  • Test Events list include ( Band - Direction - Strength Longitude - Latitude - time )
  • Complete work in  Main Menu Options.
    Complete work in Key_Press Speed commands for ( Add Radar POI, Add Mute POI, Delete Current POI, Mute, Change Mode, Turn OFF Valentine One  and Enter Configuration Mode).


  • Test Valentine one in my project and record the first video.


  • Improve the way of searching inside the main POI table by using a smaller POI table created every 50km.


  • Test bluetooth module and establish connection between mobile Nokia N78 and Pic16f628 microcontroler.


  • Complete the programe of Pic16f628 wich etxtract data from Valentine One.

Its time to use Valentine One Wireless

  • Today 10/8/2011 we start accpeting reservation of V1blueshark.
  • Our repesentative will travel to miami and orlando SOON, if any one want V1blueshark, please order it as early as possible to be able to build them.

How to use V1BlueShark

Its a device to use your Mobile to display Valentine One, and also use GPS options to locate Radar and Bank door's opener Positions.

Moreover V1BlueShark Radar and False Alarms Positions database can be upgraded by loading files or manually by user ( just by pressing a button )

How to buy V1BlueShark

V1BlueShark price : 75$  ( Plus the Shipping )

Normal Post: 10$    less than 2 weeks

Quick Post:   25$   4-5  working days and you have the ability to track your post by internet

Money can be sent by Western Union or by Bank Tranfer to the following bank account :

                         Bank Name : Banque Misr - Ismailia branch
               Account number : 41433000011378
               Name : Adel Nooh Mahmoud
               SWIFT Code: BMISEGCX101

You can send money also by AlertPay (Add 5$ for each purchase without concern of number of devices per purchase).